Thursday, October 7, 2010

set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul

hi folks! your freindly neighborhood race director, john farinella, here. just a couple of updates for everyone. believe it or not the schwag and prizes are still rolling in. it would be in everyone's best interest to be at the awards ceremony, as no one will leave empty handed. did i mention the free beer? the shower house at the beach will be open on saturday. the women's shower house is broken so please be respectful if you share. jennifer the camp hostess will be driving around selling firewood. day use fees will be in effect if you are not camping. fri night from 6-10 there will be t-shirt pickup for the first 150 registrants, late registration, and the signing of the waivers. EVERY RACER MUST COME BY REG AT SOME POINT BEFORE THE RACE TO SIGN THE WAIVER, OR YOU WILL NOT RACE. fri night is preferable, but we will find you sat morn, regardless. SAT MORNING AT SEVEN AM WE WILL BE HANDING OUT TIMING CHIPS. if someone on your team cannot make it for some reason we can start you guys and get their chip to them when they get there. the buckles have arrived. the machine is in high gear. let's do this thing!

p.s.-if you cannot register online but would like to reg before the cutoff tonight feel free to call sports base online. you can reg and pay over the phone if you prefer. their number is 801-942-9989. finally, if anyone has any questions please feel free to call my cell-314-604-2293, or, or call the shop 314-645-4447. i dont always watch the message boards and utilizing these methods will get you a quicker response if you so desire. cheers.

Friday, October 1, 2010

ho, ho, ho

We are receiving merchandise everyday up here like it's the north pole! Not only do have the previously mentioned money and merch from PBR and Specialized, but there is more! Quality Bicycle Products dropped a ton of gear from Salsa, Surly, etc. Hammer Nutrition is giving us supplemental love to keep everyone going the distance. Did I mention the awesome hydro paks from Dakine? Finally, SRAM is giving you the shirts off their back. The sponsors of the event are part of the reason it is so great for everyone! Cheers!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

How many laps can you do in twelve hours?

Well ladies and germs, online reg ends in less than a week. The next week’s forecast is looking bueno and we are geared up for another throwdown at the lake. Once the reg closes online you may sign up fri night at the event. There is a five dollar surcharge per rider for the paper entry. ALL RIDERS MUST ATTEND THE MANDATORY RIDER’S MEETING AT SEVEN AM SAT MORN TO RECEIVE THEIR TIMING CHIP. I just got off the phone with jens voight. He said he cannot make it but he does recommend whiskey and spanish beef for a strong performance. Cheers!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

tons of fun

Well hello again! I am happy to announce that our title sponsors are back in effect this year. Our friendly neighborhood Specialized representative has seen to it that we are once again in possesion of over $1000 of merchandise to hand out. Additionally, the always lovely Dave Aholt has seen to it that we have foggy memories of all the chicanery by providing copious free Pabst Blue Ribbon. Not to mention, cold hard cash prizes and plenty of highly coveted PBR Schwag. These guys are a huge part of the massive amount of fun involved in this event. Thank them and/or patronize their brands if you get a chance. THANKS GUYS!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Burnin at the Bluff VII

6/12 Hour Mountain Bike Challenge
Saturday October 9th 2010, 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Howdy folks! Here we are in our seventh year, unbelievable. Once again, this year we will be using UltraMax Events chip-timing and finish-line services for the scoring and we will have online registration via Sports Base Online. We are having a Clydesdale team class and continuing the 6 Hour Men’s and Womens Solo category, as well as the Beginner/First Timer category, Burnin Virgins.
For prizes, 1st place teams (all categories) and 1st place solo (6+12hr) riders will receive the highly coveted Burnin belt buckle. There is at least $1000 in cash prizes as well for the 12 Hour Solo Men and the Wicked Fast Team category as well as $200 for the fastest lap. Merch payouts will be awarded 3-deep in classes of nine teams or more, 2-deep in classes of less than nine teams or individuals. We really try to go as deep as we can on prizes. Historically, everyone that entered has received a prize. They’re still be plenty of good schwag all around as well. Last year we gave out over $5000 in merchandise for prizes.
3-Person Teams: $180
Soloists: $60
Online registration began August 5. T-shirts will be provided to the first 150 people to enter. Online registration will end Wed Oct 6. We will have blank entry forms at the event for those that either wait too long to reg or cannot use a computer. There will be a $5 surcharge if you reg at the event. Please use the online option. All teams will need to check-in and pick-up race packets on Friday October 8th between 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. At SEVEN AM on SAT morning racers are to report to registration for application of numbers and assignment of timing chips. Volunteers are not required but any who would like to help score, course marshal, etc., would be of great help. Please include any volunteers names on your registration. No USAC license required! AMRTI endurance racing rules apply!
Team Info:
Wicked Fast - 3 persons, any combo of expert or sport riders.
Fast - 3 persons, any combo of sport or beginner riders, no experts.
Fast in the Past - 3 person, open, combined age must be equal to or grater than 120 yrs.
Burnin Virgins - 3 persons all First Timer/Beginner class or one Sport rider with 2 beginners.
Women - 3 women, open.
Coed - 3 person, open, both genders must be represented.
1x 1 - 3 person, open, all bikes must only have one gear.
Clydesdale – 3 persons, 200+ lbs. each or team weight of 630+ lbs w/weigh-in at registration.
Solo Man - One lone hombre.
Solo Woman - One lone chica.
6hr Men Solo - Think you are cool enough to go enduro but not tough enough for the full 12? Wuss!
6hr Woman Solo - Read above.
Race Info:
The epic trail of Council Bluff Lake is your battleground! With approx 13 miles of singletrack, Council Bluff offers a rollercoaster of all that Missouri mountain biking has to offer. The trail follows the contour of a picturesque lake and offers no short cuts or bail-out roads. Be prepared: hiking many miles with a mechanical or flat is never fun! As it is an endurance race, each team will have a lap or two which may require a lighting system. All 12 hour race teams are required to have one set of bike lights and a secondary source of lighting (i.e., flashlight, cateye, petzel). Lights will need to be with any rider heading out for a lap 1.5 hours(5:00) before official sunset(6:30) and every lap thereafter.
Directions from Mesa Cycles / St. Louis City:
Hwy 40 West to I-270 South to Tesson Ferry exit, Southbound. Tesson Ferry turns into Hwy 21. Proceed on Hwy 21 to Potosi, MO. Once in Potosi travel approx 13 miles on Hwy P. Make a right on Hwy C for only approx a 1/4 mile. Turn left onto Hwy DD and continue approx 7 miles to the park entrance. Turn left at park entrance and follow the paved access road.
Camping Info & Amenities:
Council Bluff lake offers tent and RV camping. All sites include a table, fire ring, and lantern post. No electric or running water. Drinking water and vault toilets are close by. There will be firewood available for purchase and there are pay showers at the lake beach. All campsites must be reserved in advance Call Jennifer (the campground manager) after 8AM, Sept. 7th on her cell phone (573-631-7232) to make reservations. You cannot make reservations on line for this as the park is closed for us/the event. Please try to combine with friends to maximize campsite capacity, etc. There will be day use fees in effect. Two vehicles for a single site, four vehicles for a double and up to eight for a group site. Day use fees are $4 in the campground or $3 at the beach.

Finally, you will notice that there is an opportunity to donate to Pedal the Cause, a charitable fund raiser in St Louis taking place the same day as Burnin. The funds raised by participants of Pedal the Cause will ultimately provide life saving research and cures for cancer patients. Thanks to Mesa Cycles, Big Shark, and Team Seagal member Dan Miller you can donate to this important and worthy cause when you sign up for Burnin at the Bluff.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hey fans, we are now accepting registration for the big show! I know it seems early, but oct9 is only two months away. ONLY THE FIRST 150 REGISTERED WILL GET A T-SHIRT. This is an important consideration as they will be righteous. Once again, campsite registration will not begin until after labor day. All pertinent info will be posted here as it becomes edible. CHEERS!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

beef wellington, it has been a minute since that last update. FYI, the race is happening october 9. online reg through sportsbase online will begin soon. campsites cannot be reserved until after labor day. i will post all details as they come.

additionally, we are contacting all of the great sponsors and they have already began kicking some very nice stuff our way. historically, everyone who finishes the race gets something. wowee!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

just a taste

Hey kids, thanks for tuning in. Just wanted to take a second and thank our sponsors from last year and give everyone an idea of what is in store again this year.

Pabst Blue Ribbon, Dave!
-everyone is aware that PBR is way into promoting mountain biking. From the kegs of cold beer, the entire table of schwag, to the cash money for prizes and even a custom Chrome courier bag, we couldn't be more grateful for the support.

Specialized Bicycles, Justin!
-Justin provided us with about $2500 in gear for prizes. That goes along way, allowing us to give something to EVERY racer that hit the trail. That is huge.

Paceline Products
-always concerned about friction, Paceline not only provides copius Chamois Butter, but bottles and coozies for your enjoyment.

Hammer Nutrition, Dave!
-if you have ever wondered how to eat for performance, these guys wrote the book. With electrolyte tabs, gels, and powdered drinks, they have us covered.

Quality Bicycle Products
-with products from surly and salsa we are always happy to receive from these kind folks. They do a ton of promotion of the sport and we really appreciate everything they do.

Mavic, Aaron
-a very nice set of wheels went to a very lucky man. Thanks again.

Oakley Thermonuclear Protection
-sweet sweet shades to shield us from the bright future.

Northwest Coffee, Rick
-not only do we get to drink superior locally roasted coffee at the shop, but NW custom roasts almost forty pounds of Burnin at the Bluff blend beans for the event. Zoom zoom.

Mesa Cycles
-along with the cash from PBR we provided about $1600 in cash prizes. In addition to the highly coveted, custom made belt buckles there was also $100 for the fastest lap, $100 fastest female lap, $100 fastest night lap, and $100 fastest singlespeed lap. There was cash for top four Wicked Fast, top three Solo 6hr, and top five Solo 12hr.

Support wise, we have some special folks:

GORC-Gateway Offroad Cyclists
-thanks for building and maintaining not just the race course, but all area trails. Additionally, providing volunteers to safety patrol the course was rad. What would we do without you?

ICCC-International Christian Cycling Club
-unbelievable hot meals and bicycle neutral support. All free to you. Thanks a mil guys.

Team Seagal- Steven
-if you rode by the enough boat launch they were there for you. Alot of great support and refreshments. Thanks for your commitment.

-thanks for coming out. Please make an effort to attend in 2010. We will be working in the coming months to provide you with another awesome event. Updates to come. Now ride!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Kind followers. The Seventh Annual Mesa Cycles Burnin at the Bluff Twelve Hour Mountain Bike Race is October Ninth. I will be using the blogger medium to keep everyone abreast of the situation. Stay tuned and for goodness sake, SAVE THE DATE!!