Thursday, October 7, 2010

set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul

hi folks! your freindly neighborhood race director, john farinella, here. just a couple of updates for everyone. believe it or not the schwag and prizes are still rolling in. it would be in everyone's best interest to be at the awards ceremony, as no one will leave empty handed. did i mention the free beer? the shower house at the beach will be open on saturday. the women's shower house is broken so please be respectful if you share. jennifer the camp hostess will be driving around selling firewood. day use fees will be in effect if you are not camping. fri night from 6-10 there will be t-shirt pickup for the first 150 registrants, late registration, and the signing of the waivers. EVERY RACER MUST COME BY REG AT SOME POINT BEFORE THE RACE TO SIGN THE WAIVER, OR YOU WILL NOT RACE. fri night is preferable, but we will find you sat morn, regardless. SAT MORNING AT SEVEN AM WE WILL BE HANDING OUT TIMING CHIPS. if someone on your team cannot make it for some reason we can start you guys and get their chip to them when they get there. the buckles have arrived. the machine is in high gear. let's do this thing!

p.s.-if you cannot register online but would like to reg before the cutoff tonight feel free to call sports base online. you can reg and pay over the phone if you prefer. their number is 801-942-9989. finally, if anyone has any questions please feel free to call my cell-314-604-2293, or, or call the shop 314-645-4447. i dont always watch the message boards and utilizing these methods will get you a quicker response if you so desire. cheers.

Friday, October 1, 2010

ho, ho, ho

We are receiving merchandise everyday up here like it's the north pole! Not only do have the previously mentioned money and merch from PBR and Specialized, but there is more! Quality Bicycle Products dropped a ton of gear from Salsa, Surly, etc. Hammer Nutrition is giving us supplemental love to keep everyone going the distance. Did I mention the awesome hydro paks from Dakine? Finally, SRAM is giving you the shirts off their back. The sponsors of the event are part of the reason it is so great for everyone! Cheers!