Friday, August 17, 2012

step right up!!

ladies and gentlemen, please navigate to burnin registration to enter this year's event. the first 150 to enter will receive an awesome t-shirt. info for camping reservations coming soon. any questions please call me at the shop @ 314-645-4447 or my cell is 314-604-2293. email at cheers!

Race Info

The epic trail of Council Bluff Lake is your battleground! With approx 13 miles of singletrack, Council Bluff offers a rollercoaster of all that Missouri mountain biking has to offer. The trail follows the contour of a picturesque lake and offers no short cuts or bail-out roads. Be prepared: hiking many miles with a mechanical or flat is never fun! As it is an endurance race, each team will have a lap or two which may require a lighting system. All 12 hour race teams are required to have one set of bike lights and a secondary source of lighting (i.e., flashlight, cateye, petzel). Lights will need to be with any rider heading out for a lap 1.5 hours(5:00) before official sunset(6:30) and every lap thereafter.

Solo Info

Solo Man - One lone hombre.
Solo Woman - One lone chica.
6hr Men Solo - Think you are cool enough to go enduro but not tough enough for the full 12? Wuss!
6hr Woman Solo - Read above.

Team Info

Wicked Fast - 3 persons, any combo of expert or sport riders.
Fast - 3 persons, any combo of sport or beginner riders, no experts.
Fast in the Past - 3 person, open, combined age must be equal to or greater than 120 yrs.
Burnin Virgins - 3 persons all First Timer/Beginner class or one Sport rider with 2 beginners.
Women - 3 women, open.
Coed - 3 person, open, both genders must be represented.
1x 1 - 3 person, open, all bikes must only have one gear.
Clydesdale - 3 persons, 200+ lbs. each or team weight of 630+ lbs w/weigh-in at registration.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

it's all happening

greetings. the online race registration will begin next week. camping reservations will be taken after labor day. all info will be posted here. i will try to link from,, and we are exhausting all possibilities for sponsorship. the event looks to be better than ever based on many generous contributions. there will be an event tshirt available to at least the first 150 registrants. belt buckles will go to first place in all categories. we are also working on a very special award for the overall winner of the 12hr race. stay tuned!