Thursday, October 11, 2012

Listen up friends...

alrighty folks, we are very close. the weather is irrelevant. the battleground has been laid. we are going to enable an amazing group of people to explore their limits. find your edge and push into the unknown.

please join us at SEVEN AM on saturday morning to receive your t-shirts, numbers, and chips for timing. all solo, 6 and 12 hr, and the first round of team members should gather your equipment and drop your bikes in the designated field area for a lemans start. at NINE AM the race will begin with a short run, a bike pick up, and the beginning of a 6-12 hour mountain bike shred fest.

the online registration will close at noon on fri oct 12. late registration will be at the event from 5-9PM on friday and on saturday morning until the race starts.

the race will be timed using timing chips and the results will be posted hourly-ish. team riders may ride consecutive laps. however, all team members must ride at least one lap. in mixed gender categories it would be good sportsmanship to keep your team rider order unless the rider cannot go out due to unforeseen circumstances.{Note: Racing and the sport of mountain biking are about teamwork, comradery and sportsmanship. A big part of sportsmanship is honor. Each racer is on their honor when signing up for a race class. Honor yourself, your team and the sport itself by following the rules and signing up for the class in which you would normally race. Whether you have a license or not is irrelevant. If you should race Expert, or Pro, you know it. Sandbagging is definitely not cool. Enough said.}-thanks granny!

the sun will set at 6:30PM. it will be very dark in the woods. no one will be allowed to race after 4:30PM without a primary and secondary light source. during the night ride, racers should have a primary light source with a minimum rated power of 10 watts. in addition, each racer should carry a secondary or backup light source in the form of a penlight, flashlight or other lighting system. Light and Motion will have their demo truck there to try out some awesome lighting systems. leave your heavy lights in the campsite and demo a laser.

please feel free to set up support along the course. we have the venue and many will just use their campsite. please keep your stuff out of the way of the trail, road, other riders, etc. there will be an aid station at roughly half way around the lake, at the enough boat launch. there will be water and someone to help in case of an emergency. there will be mountain bike patrol volunteers from GORC on the trail. watch out for them, they are watching out for you. please be responsible and keep in mind that anything can happen on the trail and ultimately you are responsible to safely get around the trail. there will be an EMT at the start/finish area for the duration of the race.

James Hall will be the go to guy for all things campground. he will be acting as camp host. find him to pay for firewood, camping, and day use fees. place the yellow slips attached to the reserve sign posted at the campsites on the dash of your car. that will make it easier for James to identify cars that haven't paid for parking.

in the case of catastrophic failure due to weather or another extenuating circumstance that prevents the ongoing scoring of the event or creates a racing environment that is deemed too dangerous for the participants, the race director may call the race as of a certain time. final results will be calculated based on each team's placement at the call time as determined by that team's last completed lap. this rule is intended to be exercised as a last resort, in the most dire situations, when no other means is available to continue scoring the event or when the potential for serious harm or loss of life becomes imminent.

with all of that said let me close by saying LET'S BURN! we have a couple grand of cash, belt buckles, tons of prizes and schwag, FREE BEER, a killer trail, and a great party. can't wait to see everyone down there.

cheers, john

Sunday, October 7, 2012

these people are getting a rockstar t-shirt...

 GREAT team names! - keep 'em comin! more than one bacon reference - AWESOME! without further adieu...

fn ln event teamname division

Buzz Taylor team The Stephens burninvirgins
Stephen Levenhagen team The Stephens burninvirgin
Matt Woody team The Stephens burninvirgins
Steve Rice team The Steves burninvirgins
Ron Bodine team The Steves burninvirgins
Roy Schauwecker team The Steves burninvirgins
Kyle Fuller team Slomotion Race Team burninvirgins
Clinton Rice team Slomotion Race Team burninvirgins
Nate Davidson team Slomotion Race Team burninvirgins
Will Scherff team Bustin' Cheek fast
Joe Perry team Bustin' Cheek fast
Scott Phillips team Bustin' Cheek fast
Brian Ter Maat team Stihl Horseman fast
Bob Heitzman team Stihl Horseman fast
Jonathon Borrson team Stihl Horseman fast
Scott Captn Fuzzy Nuts Kiefner team Eat sh!t fuckers!!!! fast
Big Head Todd And the Monster Feck Face Dohogn team Eat sh!t fuckers!!!! fast
Jay's smoked sausage Wright now team Eat sh!t fuckers!!!! fast
Ryan Meschke team THE OTHER TWO GUYS SUCK fast
Jared Meyer team THE OTHER TWO GUYS SUCK fast
Brad Bennett team THE OTHER TWO GUYS SUCK fast
Matt Hayes team Fried Legs and Bacon 1x1
Jim Bacon team Fried Legs and Bacon 1x1
Larry Koester team Fried Legs and Bacon 1x1
Craig Thrasher team Mended and Winded coed
Greg Schmidt team Mended and Winded coed
Mary Piper team Mended and Winded coed
Rock Wamsley team Man Stallyns wicked
Devin Clark team Man Stallyns wicked
Jesse Siemen team Man Stallyns wicked
Zachary Johnson team The Spoking Section burninvirgins
Jacob Cook team The Spoking Section burninvirgins
Benjamin Billings team The Spoking Section burninvirgins
John Lake team Patrick Star and the Great Danes fast
Steve Finch team Patrick Star and the Great Danes fast
Tom Marsh team Patrick Star and the Great Danes fast
Mike Hrevus team Third Times a Charm 1x1
Evan Hrevus team Third Times a Charm 1x1
Jim Krewit team Third Times a Charm 1x1
Chris Locke team Six Rocky Mountain Oysters fastpast
Tige Lamb team Six Rocky Mountain Oysters fastpast
Damian Almanza team Six Rocky Mountain Oysters fastpast
Lisa White team Pfoodman Racing burninvirgins
Brandon Amos team Pfoodman Racing burninvirgins
Scott Vaccaro team Pfoodman Racing burninvirgins
Bob Arnold team Ibpro Fun wicked
Tom Albert team Ibpro Fun wicked
Erik Nielson team Ibpro Fun wicked
Steve Ryan team Big Boyz on the Big Bus clydesdale
Nick Ranson team Big Boyz on the Big Bus clydesdale
John Conners team Big Boyz on the Big Bus clydesdale
Buck Carter team Delicious burninvirgins
Lindy Carroll team Delicious burninvirgins
John "The Hammer" Powell team Delicious burninvirgins
Todd Harris team ICCC +1 fastpast
William Cahill team ICCC +1 fastpast
Keith Odegard team ICCC +1 fastpast
Don Brown team SAD fast
Steve Hall team SAD fast
Andy Sizemore team SAD fast
ScDarin Marlow team We put the F U in Pfun fast
James Nelson team We put the F U in Pfun fast
Jim Moore team We put the F U in Pfun fast
Tim Rister team back seat beaver eaters coed
Andy Gibbs team back seat beaver eaters coed
Brianna Overbey team back seat beaver eaters coed
Karen Holtmann team Hold My Beer and Watch This Shit women
Carrie Cash team Hold My Beer and Watch This Shit women
Heather Hill team Hold My Beer and Watch This Shit women
Christian Baldock team Unicorn Bacon fast
Lee Van Norman team Unicorn Bacon fast
Derek Prior team Unicorn Bacon fast

fn ln event division

Jon Anderhalter solo 6hrmen
Darla Chilton solo 6hrwoman
Jeff Mittler solo 6hrmen
Nathan Goff solo 6hrmen
Brad Wadlow solo 6hrmen
Brian Jones solo 6hrmen
Chris Nitzsche solo 6hrmen
Scott Bertelsmeyer solo 6hrmen
Dave Vehige solo 6hrmen
Anatoly Zlotnik solo soloman
Kyle Pershing solo 6hrmen
Douglas McDonald solo 6hrmen
Mike Bezemek solo 6hrmen
Scott Baker solo 6hrmen
Paul Polewaczyk solo 6hrmen
Chad St Peters solo 6hrmen
Emily Korsch solo 6hrwoman
J.j. Skiver solo 6hrmen
Ryan King solo soloman
Hunter Henry solo 6hrmen
Steve Snyder solo soloman
Jeff Thieme solo soloman
Drew Black solo 6hrmen
Rick Becherer solo 6hrmen
John Long solo 6hrmen
Mike Barro solo 6hrme
John Maroso solo 6hrmen
Laura Scherff solo 6hrwoman
Mat Sulya solo 6hrmen
Wes Hampsch solo 6hrmen
C- Dubbs solo soloman
Michael Bufka solo 6hrmen
al Lamere solo 6hrmen
Scott McLerran solo 6hrmen
Matthew Fulbright solo 6hrmen

if you dont see your name, worry not! either i screwed up during "editing" or you haven't registered. feel free to email me with questions -

Thursday, October 4, 2012

updates galore

here are some updates.

the trail elves of GORC and Team Seagal have manicured and groomed the trail for the maximum speed and efficiency.  if you see jim davis give him a punch high five for his efforts.

the buckles for this year have arrived and the first place in every solo and team category will receive them. the categories of wicked fast, 6hr men, and 12hr men will get cash in the second and third places. additionally, there will be cash awarded for fastest overall lap, female lap, night lap, and singlespeed lap. 

i understand that many people want to look at the other racers to see who is racing and what category. i will be posting the registration so far asap. just takes some editing (and beer). if you are not sure what category to race in consider the following:


Wicked Fast - 3 persons, any combo of expert or sport riders.
Fast - 3 persons, any combo of sport or beginner riders, no experts.
Fast in the Past - 3 person, open, combined age must be equal to or greater than 120 yrs.
Burnin Virgins - 3 persons all First Timer/Beginner class or one Sport rider with 2 beginners.
Women - 3 women, open.
Coed - 3 person, open, both genders must be represented.
1x 1 - 3 person, open, all bikes must only have one gear.
Clydesdale - 3 persons, 200+ lbs. each or team weight of 630+ lbs w/weigh-in at registration.
pretty easy, huh?

all of this info is on the blog. there is a ton of info on the blog if you look through the posts. if you have specific questions feel free to email me at 

i guess the most important thing is that we have a MANDATORY meeting for ALL riders at 7AM on saturday morning. this will allow us to number you, chip you, give you a t-shirt and high fives.