Thursday, February 11, 2010

just a taste

Hey kids, thanks for tuning in. Just wanted to take a second and thank our sponsors from last year and give everyone an idea of what is in store again this year.

Pabst Blue Ribbon, Dave!
-everyone is aware that PBR is way into promoting mountain biking. From the kegs of cold beer, the entire table of schwag, to the cash money for prizes and even a custom Chrome courier bag, we couldn't be more grateful for the support.

Specialized Bicycles, Justin!
-Justin provided us with about $2500 in gear for prizes. That goes along way, allowing us to give something to EVERY racer that hit the trail. That is huge.

Paceline Products
-always concerned about friction, Paceline not only provides copius Chamois Butter, but bottles and coozies for your enjoyment.

Hammer Nutrition, Dave!
-if you have ever wondered how to eat for performance, these guys wrote the book. With electrolyte tabs, gels, and powdered drinks, they have us covered.

Quality Bicycle Products
-with products from surly and salsa we are always happy to receive from these kind folks. They do a ton of promotion of the sport and we really appreciate everything they do.

Mavic, Aaron
-a very nice set of wheels went to a very lucky man. Thanks again.

Oakley Thermonuclear Protection
-sweet sweet shades to shield us from the bright future.

Northwest Coffee, Rick
-not only do we get to drink superior locally roasted coffee at the shop, but NW custom roasts almost forty pounds of Burnin at the Bluff blend beans for the event. Zoom zoom.

Mesa Cycles
-along with the cash from PBR we provided about $1600 in cash prizes. In addition to the highly coveted, custom made belt buckles there was also $100 for the fastest lap, $100 fastest female lap, $100 fastest night lap, and $100 fastest singlespeed lap. There was cash for top four Wicked Fast, top three Solo 6hr, and top five Solo 12hr.

Support wise, we have some special folks:

GORC-Gateway Offroad Cyclists
-thanks for building and maintaining not just the race course, but all area trails. Additionally, providing volunteers to safety patrol the course was rad. What would we do without you?

ICCC-International Christian Cycling Club
-unbelievable hot meals and bicycle neutral support. All free to you. Thanks a mil guys.

Team Seagal- Steven
-if you rode by the enough boat launch they were there for you. Alot of great support and refreshments. Thanks for your commitment.

-thanks for coming out. Please make an effort to attend in 2010. We will be working in the coming months to provide you with another awesome event. Updates to come. Now ride!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Kind followers. The Seventh Annual Mesa Cycles Burnin at the Bluff Twelve Hour Mountain Bike Race is October Ninth. I will be using the blogger medium to keep everyone abreast of the situation. Stay tuned and for goodness sake, SAVE THE DATE!!