Sunday, September 1, 2013

camping reservation information

hey burners. camping reservations will begin tuesday september 3 at 8AM CST.  camping reservations are only open to those associated with the burnin. please call the camp hostess, stacy wakefield, at 573-315-1216. reservations can be paid with checks or paypal and stacy will get all that info when you call her. single sites are $10 up to 2 cars, double are $20 up to 4 cars, group are $25 for up to 25 people, $50 for up to 50 and 75 for up to 75 (cars have to fit on the site). extra cars are $4. wood is $5, ice is $2. showers are brand new and AWESOME! they are operated by quarters and should be open until 9-10PM down at the beach area.

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