Thursday, October 10, 2013

burnin is cancelled for 2013

No miracle on K Street apparently... sooo... the 2013 Burnin' is officially cancelled.  The 10th Burnin' will be the first or second weekend of October 2014.

We'll be sending the PBR and Schlafly to Enough as well as some of the (now) "limited edition" 10th Burnin' T-shirts to help with the atmosphere.

I can't say adequately how grateful we are for the positive sentiments expressed by folks in this forum.  Truly awesome.

We are not the only ones that are going to feel ill effects from the closing of the campground.  Stacey and the two other folks that comprise Bearpaw Recreation (the Council Bluff Campground concessionaires) do their job all year barely breaking even and the Burnin' makes their year with the camping fees, firewood and water sales. 

We intend to do our best to help take care of Bearpaw in this situation and any help from anyone else would be appreciated.

So here's what I'd like to do:

If any racer would like a $70 cash refund, we'll be happy to oblige.  Just email us with your mailing address stating that you want a cash refund and we'll mail you a check.

If you want to help us out some, you can come to the shop and get your entry fee refund in merchandise.  That will take a little of the sting out.

If you want to help us and Bearpaw a lot, email us and tell us to keep your entry fee.  If there are enough folks that opt for this that we actually have excess funds over the costs incurred, we'll find a home for them with GORC.

Again, thanks for the sympathies.


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  1. I appreciate everything that you folks tried to do. I am pretty bummed to miss my first Burnin' experience. But it looks like "the man" burned us this time. Best wishes and thanks again.